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CSI. recognizes the impactful influence of sports and specializes in sports training programs, providing technical sessions for netball, hockey, and sprint events.

The focus is on the long-term development of athletes through personalized coaching, data-driven training plans, and specialized approaches to enhance players' skills and performance.

The academy distinguishes itself through tailored programs, assessing individual strengths and areas for improvement. Seeking to maximize athlete capabilities through tailored methods for netball players and specialized coaching for sprinters in athletics.



CSI. Netball

The CSI. Netball Academy provides a dynamic learning environment designed for individuals aged 10 to 13 years of age. The training sessions are divided into technical and tactical segments.

Emphasizing fundamental skills, and teamwork, and instilling a passion for the game, these academies also concentrate on refining skills, strategic play, and fostering teamwork.

School Yard Netball Sport

CSI. Jnr Netball academy

Ages 10 - 13

2x 90-Minute Weekly Sessions

Monday & Friday Afternoons

Limited annual intake of 14 Players


CSI. sprints

The CSI. Sprint Academy is dedicated to the mastery of the 100m and 200m sprints.

Focused on refining sprinting techniques, tactical expertise, and fundamental skills, the academy tailors sessions to empower athletes in these specific track and field disciplines.

The goal is to foster individual growth, sportsmanship, and success in the competitive world of sprinting, creating an environment where athletes can excel in the 100m and 200m sprints.

sprint start in track and field

CSI. sprint academy

Ages 10+: 100m & 200m Sprints

60-Minute Weekly Sessions

Friday Afternoons

Limited annual intake of 16 Sprinters


CSI. hockey

Dedicated to honing hockey skills and tactical expertise the CSI. Hockey Academy focuses on fundamental techniques, game strategies, and fitness.

Tailored sessions foster sportsmanship and individual growth, empowering players to excel in the sport while enjoying a supportive and competitive environment.

Providing a deeper understanding of the sport, as well as a supportive yet competitive environment for players to excel and enjoy their hockey journey.

Field Hockey Ball and Stick on the Grass

CSI. hockey academy

Ages 10 - 13

90-Minute Weekly Sessions

Thursday Afternoons

Limited annual intake of 10 Players


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